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The way the math works is that if you increase the weight of your shotgun by 10%, you could cut felt recoil by about 10%.Conversely, if you opt for a lighter gun you will increase your felt recoil.But if your shotgun doesn’t fit properly, any gap between the butt stock and your body is going to aggravate that equal and opposite reaction — regardless of anything else.

Here’s what to look for in an instructor: The typical shotgun is likely to hurt when you pull the trigger due to recoil.

The 20-gauge shotgun is often a great alternative to the standard 12-gauge shotgun for women shooters.

The 20-gauge shotgun provides nearly as much firepower, but with lower recoil.

That’s why so many women shoot semi-automatic shotguns: the semi-automatics bring a reasonable weight to the game while at the same time can potentially reduce felt recoil better than an over/under. Try to shoot a shotgun that’s too long and you’ll find yourself leaning back — the complete opposite of a well-balanced shooter who is supposed to rotate off her front foot.

Try to shoot a shotgun that’s too short (let’s say a youth shotgun), and you could find your face creeping up the stock, and screwing up the alignment between your eye and the beads.

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