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Viewers of DAYS OF OUR LIVES can be forgiven for thinking that the actress playing ex-con Sheila looks familiar.That’s because she’s Tionne Watkins, better known as T-Boz, one-third of the popular R&B girl group TLC who had multiple hits in the ‘90s like “Waterfalls” and “No Scrubs.” However, while the performer turned a couple brief appearances into a more substantial role on the soap, her time is reportedly coming to an end.I don’t have a problem with styles, I think everybody should find their own niche style wise and just go ahead and rock it. A lot of people looked at us like ‘Why’re they dressed like that? TSL: How has fame made relationships and dating for you?Chilli: Even with me personally, when it comes to a relationship, people are always like ‘Chilli, why you still not married, and all this kinda stuff.that she is very much interested in touring with a digital re-creation of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes; in fact, she’s been trying to get one “for years, but no one would pay the budget.” T-Boz also confirmed that she and Chili are planning a reunion tour, so maybe someone will pony up now that Ghost 2Pac has paved the way?It’s not the craziest hologram-related thought that has been floated this month, anyway.10, 2018, when she arrived at the police station with the baby girl Bonnie claimed Lucas fathered!Of course, that turned out not to be true, and Sheila was left looking for another way to stick around town.

After you spend time with someone you can catch feelings, and it’s really infatuation, it’s not so deep. We would definitely collab with the right artist, it would have to make sense, and make songs for soundtracks, stuff like that.

TSL: Every generation there seems to be a paradigm in which the older generation criticizes the music of the younger generation. What comes to mind when you observes these types of situations? So when something is taken away from you it’s a huge and ugly reality check. TSL: Tell me what it was like working in a male-dominated industry and how did you overcome?

Chilli: I don’t think they had a problem with what we were saying, they just thought we were too young to say it. I like to stay in constant reminder of how tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Chilli: Just keeping fighting for what you believe in and fight what society thinks you should be when it comes from a male point of view.

After fellow inmate Chille was murdered, Hope tried to get the upper hand on Sheila and her partner, Coco, but they ambushed and stabbed her! Bonnie Lockhart asked her to take a message to Justin Kiriakis after she got out, but when Sheila arrived at the mansion, she quickly put two and two together and realized that Bonnie had switched places with her double and was comfortably residing in the lap of luxury while Adrienne was the one who was really stuck in prison!

Bonnie covered for Sheila’s arrival by claiming she was there to interview to be the new maid, and Sheila agreed to take the job but demanded money to keep her silence about Bonnie's scheme.

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