Who is lisa lampanelli dating

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I figure if I can get away with it, I may as well because secretly, I do mean it; don't tell anyone, but I secretly hate all these women who come to my show, but whatever. Do you have any memorable Pittsburgh road-ass stories? It seems like anytime I came to Pittsburgh I was dating some loser at home who I had to be faithful to, even though they were fucking around on me.

But this time, I'm there for two-and-a half days, there's got to be at least one little piece of chocolate-dabbling I could do, don't you think? And I think people in Pittsburgh aren't so smart, so at least one of them will have sex with me. So you've got to be thinking, "Thank God, I'll never have to go back and work the Boise, Idaho, Chuckle Hut ever again? I told my manager once I started doing theaters years ago, that if it ever reached the point that I have to go back to the clubs, I'm quitting.

What motivated you to do this show and how does your personal story influence what we see? I wanted to tell the story of women and food without fear—so no one thinks they’re the only one who struggles with this.She especially radiates hope, and it is really a rare and beautiful thing. When I was overweight, I really wish that had been me with that same kind of self-love, self-possession and self-acceptance. Now, I’m in a manageable place and I love the progress I’m making! This non-reversible procedure limits the amount of food the stomach can hold.]When I hit 50, I knew I wanted to live a long time and didn’t want to jeopardize my health. Now I eat greens in green juice and smoothies, and I used to make fun of natural and organic foods! In the past, I always looked for men greater than me or less than me to make me feel I as in control of someone or that I was taken care of.I do follow that 80/20 rule so 20 percent of what I eat is to treat myself. I’m not falling asleep at rehearsals, and I can go 12 to 16 hours a day, plus there’s writing time. And I’m motivated: I want to write three more plays! I’ve had to learn how to be by myself for a nice, long time.I've been dredging up all this crap from the past and I just thought, "OK, I'm doing the bare minimum here." But still luckily for the fans, it's really fucking revealing and you'll know more about me and my twat than you'll ever want to know. So, if I said to you, "Hey, look at that red-headed cunt," that's a nice thing to say, it's a nice term of endearment, as it were.That's a perfect segue for the question I was going to ask you at the end. And twat, I think, is the word I use to refer to someone I don't care for.

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