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Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun are the current “it” couple we can’t get enough of!

Fans rejoiced when news broke out in March that the actor and actress were dating.

During filming for the upcoming episode of ' My Little Old Boy', Goo Hye Sun revealed she and Ahn Jae Hyun had their first kiss in a car when they started dating.Gu, quickly realizing that they were in public, turned that brief hand hold into the less obvious hand-on-arm pose. Watch it here: Ahn Jae Hyun hold Gu Hye Sun's hand in public while secretly dating7.When Ahn gifted his bride a necklace, ring, and pair of earrings, all personally designed by himself!When Ahn Jae Hyun has unabashedly shown adoration and love for her after the announcement.Staying true to his word on Happy Together, he said he would not hide if his secret relationship were revealed.

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The actress further revealed that when she got more forward with skinship, he yelled, "You've gone crazy," and even tried to escape the car.“He married me when he was a rookie actor, so people called him ‘Ku Hye Sun’s husband.’ I felt really sorry about that.

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