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I supposed we perhaps—intuitively or explicitly I don’t know—understood that we better protect this thing.

The marriage didn’t last for a very long time, and I think that is to do with the undulated nature of fame and that, living in those conditions and what was happening. She freaked out when he wanted to introduce her to his parents.

A @katyperry disse que @John Mayer foi o melhor na cama e deu nota pra @diplo e Orlando Bloom.

Veja a resposta deles: https://t.co/4Gh FSdgo8H pic.twitter.com/zm X8Bl Lt Fk — br (@letras) June 30, 2017They’re two very strong-willed people.

Most recently, Perry slammed for using misusing an old quote about her divorce with Russell Brand to suggest that she still had feelings for him. Which one of her alleged past flings were just rumors?

Click on the gallery above to view her complete dating history!

But is that good news for the eligible bachelors out there, or a reason to run and hide?

From crazy grudges to outrageous flirting, this is the ugly side of dating Katy Perry.

"When Katy flew on a Virgin flight to the UK, it seemed she preferred not to be served by females," an inside source confirmed.

And, when Perry was talking about it on Well, you know, I think people are in and out of your life.

the other dating decisions Perry has made in the past.

I was very occupied and very busy—not to the same degree, I recognize.

But it meant, I think, that [for] the sanctimony of marriage, which is a very private thing really …

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