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And I would have loved to have a conversation with Tobey Maguire, but some people are out of your league. I think that Tom Holland shows effortlessly that he's like the smartest guy in the room, but he's not tortured with the Spider-Man thing, which has been sort of a theme through the other Spider-Men.The way he plays this character is as if he's conflicted with how to have both lives.

Dashboard Confessional holds a special place in the heart of many millennials as lovesick, emo teens during the band's rise in the early 2000s, and you can still find "Vindicated" references all over social media. One of my earliest fans was a woman whose name is Lia Vollack. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of all that stuff.So I'd take it off and like you do when you are holding something like a pendulum, you twist it and you let it wind in and wind out. It wasn't about a spiderweb and Spider-Man, but once I stopped and I listened back to my little digital recorder I was like A girl I longed for was with somebody else and it looked like they were going to get hitched and that was going to be that for me. I met them all at the premiere and they were nonplussed. They didn't carry themselves that way, but I don't think they knew who I was or what I had to do with the film, and I don't think they cared then and I doubt they care now.But all the people that worked on the movie did, which is why I'm still getting invited to Marvel stuff because I've become friends with all those folks.I'd be watching the film and I'd see finished graphics that looked totally real and then pencil animation. I was at Sony Pictures on the lot, just me and Lia watching it. There were some parallels between what [Tobey Maguire's] character -- not Spider-Man, but Peter Parker -- was going through. Sometimes the guitar can be the fun, but in this case it was the surfing.Growing pains, maybe unrequited/half-requited love, self doubt -- it just resonated with who I was as a person then and maybe am now. We don't get to surf much on the road, so we were psyched. When I finished the song, I realized that the spark of inspiration, some if it, might have come from having seen a story I related to so recently. I just said, "Look, I get it, neither of these songs are going to be the single, I get it if you don't want to change it, but I just kind of feel a relationship between this song and that movie. " She said, "Man, it's really late." I was like, "OK." She was like, "I'll tell you what, could you cut a demo and send it to me?

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