When to start dating during divorce

Upon decree of divorce, the award of spousal support will cease. This is what most people think of when they consider support obligations to an ex-spouse.Alimony is an order of support granted upon the decree of divorce.Spousal support will be awarded to assure a dependent spouse a reasonable living allowance.The duty to pay spousal support arises out of the marriage and terminates when the marriage ends.

When it comes to the division of property pursuant to a divorce action, Pennsylvania is an Equitable Distribution state.

APL is a temporary support order granted to a party while divorce litigation is pending.

The intention of an APL award is to provide both parties an equal opportunity to litigate, maintain and defend the divorce action.

Therefore, most parties opt to file for divorce on No Fault grounds, which can be established either by mutual consent of both parties or by a unilateral action taken by one party where the couple has lived separate and apart for a period of one year.

It is important to note that in Pennsylvania there is no such thing as “legal separation.” While legal separation does not exist, the date of separation is still important for making determinations regarding support and distribution of marital property.

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Additionally, any property excluded by an agreement, for example a pre-nuptial agreement, is also excluded from marital property.

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