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In fact, it's not only easy to install a new plugin, often it's the very first step you might take to adding a new functionality to your Word Press site.

Problem is that being able to browse through thousands of plugins, both free and paid, and install them in a matter of seconds, opens the gates to a proliferation of unnecessary plugins being added to Word Press installs.

And this deliberate approach could have negative impacts on site performance, security, and maintenance costs.

The case might seem different (read again: it might seem) with small and specific plugins that do one non-critical task, like adding an image to a post.

Now that you have data to look at, let's get back to your main question, and let's give it a proper answer: Well, the answer is: "Unfortunately, no." You might have heard or have been told this kind of undocumented, well-known truth around Word Press plugins.

I provided you with data to give you a raw idea of how frequently plugin updates are released.

In fact, as multiple patch releases are being planned already, it’s probably going to be more stable in January. Gutenberg changes the way the editor works in Word Press, read this post if you don’t know what it is. But not all plugins are ready, and it’s important to know if the plugins you are using are ready before you hit update. If you run other plugins that integrate with the editing experience, make sure to check (either by testing or checking the plugins documentation) that they’re ready for, or at least “work with” Gutenberg.

If they don’t, install and activate the Classic editor plugin before updating.

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Let’s be clear: we absolutely love Gutenberg and what Yoast SEO looks like in Gutenberg.

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