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// [fntw] You can play this mini-game while on your night rounds. 2nd option: 楽しくなかったです --- 2nd option: 妥協して塩ラーメン Defeating Level E Vampires mini-game. (9) --- Choose 玖蘭 枢 1st option: いつも一緒の零が良かった 3rd option: 私たち変わらない Any option. You get 60 seconds to find 6 Day Class students (not including Zero! Simply put, you have 30 seconds to hand out as many presents/love letters as possible to the students in the night class. Choose 枢&零ペア To make a delicious meal, choose a different option each time when preparing food (so that each person prepares something) CG! Simply use your stylus to drag presents from the adoring fans to the guy they want to give it to. Yey XD I won't be following the game's method of spelling names. If you haven't already figured it out, Toga Yagari is the game's secret (zomg hot! There are "bloodlust" CGs for each guy, which you activate by tapping the spot on the protagonist that they want to drink from. Anatomical right of protagonist = side that appears on the left! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STARTING THE GAME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //Basic configuration// [cnfg] D-pad: Up - skip dialogue Left - Move back in dialogue Right/Down - Proceed with dialogue You'll be using the stylus a fair bit in navigation/mini-games. You can get multiple endings with each of the main guys, though!

To receive the maximum boost, you need to match the clothes to make full outfits: Head - Orchestra hat 楽団帽子 Tops - Orchestra top 楽団服上 Bottoms - Orchestra pants 楽団服下 Item - Trumpet トランペット Head - Sunglasses サングラス Tops - Aloha shirt アロハ Bottoms - Resort cutoffs リゾート半パン Item - Flower lei フラワーレイ Head - Crown 王冠 Tops - Fur coat 毛皮のコート Bottoms - Leather pants 革パンツ Item - Red mantle 赤マント Head - Silk hat シルクハット Tops - Frilled shirt フリルシャツ Bottoms - Black trousers 黒ズボン Item - Mantle マント Head - Pirate hat 海賊帽 Tops - Pirate coat 海賊コート Bottoms - Pirate pants 海賊服下 Item - Short sword 短剣 Different guys like different combinations, but I found most of them liking the orchestra outfit :) If you like, you can play around with the clothes and dress up the guys in sailor suits/pajamas/penguin costumes/whatever strikes your demented fancy XD Stats raised: INTELLECT, CHARM, AFFECTION //Going to the Party パーティへおいで// [ptgg] You get to activate this game by wandering around the campus while on your patrols.

Items rolling by fall into two main categories, contraband and well, non- contraband. ~ Any option ~ Any option ~ Any option ~ 私の血を吸って......零 ~ うん......零! His mind tends to go off on strange tangents at times, but he's totally adorable : D His frequent angsting ("Forgive me, Kaname-sama...") never failed to crack me up! 1st option: 鋭い気配 --- Choose to give chocolates to Aidou.

Your objective is to sort out as many of these items correctly in the time-span of 30 seconds.

You get a default "Powerful dress" in your inventory at the start of the game.

To buy more dresses, choose the "Decorate" option during day class. Kaname: Loves - Intellectual dress 知的なドレス Hates - Powerful dress パワフルなドレス Zero: Loves - Powerful dress パワフルなドレス Hates - Gorgeous dress ゴージャスなドレス Aidou: Loves - Gorgeous dress ゴージャスなドレス Hates - Intellectual dress 知的なドレス Kain: Loves - Unusual dress 珍しいドレス Hates - Gorgeous dress ゴージャスなドレス Ichijou: Loves - Mature dress 大人っぽいドレス Hates - Intellectual dress 知的なドレス Shiki: Loves - Captivating dress 魅惑のドレス Hates - Powerful dress パワフルなドレス Stats raised: CHARM, KNOWLEDGE, AFFECTION //Finding Night-time Wanderers 夜歩きさん発見!

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