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DN: Maquel told us you would be more likely to be on “Bachelor in Paradise” before she does.

Deseret News: Thanks so much for agreeing to chat with us. Although I was kind of OK with the fact that we didn't have a connection, because it wasn’t like I was in love with him, and then he sent me home. MM: I went into it really open-minded and with an open heart, but I feel like the relationship was moving very slow. There is this sort of fantasy around Arie, you know, the bachelor.There have been so many times when I wasn't taken seriously because of how I present myself. So for me, it wasn’t that shocking that he did that at the end.Do I think he could have gone about it a different way? It just felt inconsiderate and selfish to drag along both women at different times. I texted Lauren after he proposed that I wish him every blessing and a happy life. I hope he makes his decision and sticks by it and makes Lauren happy moving forward.Me, Maquel and Lauren spent the day together and tried to be there for her, talking about the loved ones that we had lost.DN: You made headlines for calling out another contestant, Chelsea Roy, for “glam-shaming” you on the show.

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