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This accepts xml strings, * files, and DOM objects.It can also perform the reverse, converting * an Simple XMLElement back into a string, file, or DOM object.Doesn't work in 5.2.0://$count = $xml_node[0];//grab the raw XML:$count = ($xml_node- Addition to QLeap's post: Simple XML will return a reference to an object containing the node value and you can't use references in session variables as there is no feasible way to restore a reference to another variable.This won't work too:$val=$this-name;echo $array[$val]; // will cause a warning because of the wrong index type.You can see below the code change I made, pulling my data out of the raw XML with a regular expression.Hope this is useful to someone.//In some versions of PHP it seems we cannot access the [0] element of a Simple XML Object. Simple XML provides an easy way of getting an element's name, attributes and textual content if you know the XML document's structure or layout.Simple XML turns an XML document into a data structure you can iterate through like a collection of arrays and objects.

Many examples in this reference require an XML string.

", while in an PHP array, the key of which must be different.

I think the array structure developed by svdmeer can fit for XML, and fits well. I use this when I need to update values externally (i.e.

These are blank, and you can copy the relevant details from phpdoc/en/reference/rar/ into the appropriate places - it's pretty self-explanatory from this point on.

Once you've got going, you can move the original phpdoc/en/reference/rar/ out of the way and put your own in its place, and try compiling the manual to see if it works.

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here is an example array converted from an xml file: array( "@tag"= Here's a quick way to dump the node Values from Simple XML into an array using the path to each node Value as key. in code that doesn't know about the underlying xml).

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