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Net Backup has the capability of communicating with various robotic libraries and tape drives.

Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) is a key member of the Microsoft System Center family of management products, designed to help IT professionals manage their Windows environment.

TSM will create target directories assuming you have permissions sufficient to do so.

restore "/home/foo/*" /home/foo/restore/ -ina -pick This will allow you to restore from either active versions or inactive versions of a file; in this context, it will allow restoration from the first (source) path to the second (target) path.

and are carried out by a data mover device that must exists on the SAN, and it is the data mover device that is responsible for copying the data, either from a SAN-attached (client-owned) disk to a SAN-attached tape drive (server-owned), or vice versa.

See the INCREMENTAL command topic for supported file systems support.The retention policies are listed below for the TSM Clients.Standard Archive Policy (Archive) Retain Version 365 days and after 365 days archives are deleted automatically.restore "/home/foo/*" -ina -pick This command will let the administrator pick the file desired to be restored to the original path, /home/foo/filename.Select the file by entering the number that appears to the left of the filename, then press the letter "o." restore -sub=yes "/home/foo/*" /home/foo/restore/ Restore from the original path to another path; the first path is the original /home/foo/* source, the second path is the restoration target.

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The TSM Server Scheduler prompts each registered machine nightly for the backups.

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