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If the verified certificate in its certification chain refers to the root CA that participates in this program, the system will automatically download this root certificate from the Windows Update servers and add it to the trusted ones.

Windows requests a trusted root certificate lists (CTL) renewal once a week.

The certificate that signed the list is not valid Apparently in your case, it’s easiest way to download the certificates from WU using the command: -generate SSTFrom WU Then you can import them using Import-Certificate cmdlet:$sst = ( Get-Child Item -Path C:\certs\) $sst| Import-Certificate -Cert Store Location Cert:\Local Machine\Root I was having trouble with this one as well until I realized that if you’re downloading certificates you might not get the HTTPS to establish without the certificates you need to download…Would be nice if it was available via both HTTP and HTTPS though.

I used this guide for ADFS when building out my 2012 R2 lab.

If you haven’t seen it – it might be helpful for you as well.

This parameter should point to the shared network folder from which your Windows computers should receive new root certificates. X509Content Type]:: Cert $certs = get-childitem -path cert:\Local Machine\Auth Root foreach($cert in $certs) 1.

Run the domain GPMC console, create a new GPO, switch to the edit policy mode and expand the section Computer Configuration -Po Sh PKI module is available only since Windows Server 2012/ Win 8. Install CTL does not exist as Context menu in Windows 10 2.

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