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The reason your updates are not working, Ansgar, is not due to errors with Heidi or ISO format.The problem is caused by time precision in SQL Server.and these are editable for DATETIME2 types, not so for DATETIME types, for which I got an SQL error when trying to pass a precision to the ALTER TABLE query.* Microseconds should be displayed in data and query grids now, for both DATETIME and DATETIME2 columns. Sign up for a free Git Hub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.By clicking “Sign up for Git Hub”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy statement.If I'm querying with date criteria, I always specify date ranges, as opposed to exact moments in time.The fact that your updates are not working does not mean that the ISO format is wrong, but rather some invisible rounding errors are taking place during the comparison.

I'm asking because another user provided the current format as some universal format, which should work on all MSSQL servers. See this post for even more confusion on date/time values in MSSQL.

We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. Sign in to your account event (see reproduction link), but problem is it update calendar ok but also overwrites input with same value and cursor moves to end of input. I did not find it in documentation other option, I suppose it's a feature request.

https://jsfiddle.net/mzs1a961/1/ I'm having the same issue. The solution suggested here is not working and shows the described behavior.

You'll find that SQL Server cannot process Date Time values with millisecond accuracy.

Here's an interesting experiment: Long story short, you should never rely on exact date comparisons in your WHERE clauses.

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