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Keep in mind that your BIOS rarely needs updating, and updating the BIOS incorrectly can render your computer completely inoperable. Joseph Alexander is the CEO of Mobile Kangaroo, a full service repair shop and Apple Authorized Service Provider headquartered in Mountain View, CA.

They are an Apple authorized service provider with locations in over 20 cities. Joseph Alexander, a computer repair technician, explains: "It is typically safe to update your BIOS as long as you source the BIOS update directly from the device manufacturer.

I found in Windows/system32/drivers; it bears today's date.

Mobile Kangaroo has been repairing electronic devices such as computers, phones, and tablets, for over 16 years.Scenario: Dell XPS 8700, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, fully updated. After backing up all data and imaging the system, etc., I went to the Dell support site. EDIT - this situation is still unchangd 12 hours later. According to the Dell support page instructions, those files are specifically designed to operate in a Windows/DOS environment. Should I suppose that all those drivers did not install yesterday because they were already installed?First I downloaded and installed all the pending drivers (there were 5, because I hadn't done that in a very long time). Needless to say I am posting from a different computer (my laptop). I failed to disable memory-resident monitoring programs (Avast, Malwarebytes, Wiinpatrol, CCleaner etc.) FWIW I do have a bootable rescue disk, created by Macrium Reflect 7. This BIOS was supplied by Dell, via their Support page for this particular computer (and this particular service tag number). The Support Page offered version A10 (dated last year, so before the Spectre affair) and Version A12, dated in February 2018, and explicitly stating it contained the Spectre "fix". Instructions are to run the file to install the BIOS update mentioned in the file name. The computer is fully functional at this point (in fact I am typing this reply on it), but if rebooted I suspect it might not boot correctly with a half-updated BIOS. Took a quick look at Speccy, found a whole lot of what look like device drivers (many of them Intel) NOT installed on yesterday's date. I can publish the Speccy report if it would be useful. Anything else I should be doing to make sure there are no loose or broken ends? Next project, update the BIOS on the Dell laptop - more cautiously .Another thing that has struck me here is that according to msinfo32 the BIOS mode on the desktop is now "legacy".The mode on my Dell laptop (same age as the desktop, and nearly identical software outfit) is UEFI.

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I'll have to find other ways of handling a couple of the accessory functions (password manager for example) but that's OK.

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