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If national-level updates to the authority record are needed, go to step 4.If you find a locally-created authority record in Orbis (these records do not contain an 010 field), go to step 2. Step 2: Search heading in a national authorities database Either of these two national authorities databases may be used: Step 3: Create the authority record in the OCLC "Online Save File" according to NACO practice.When should I Ask the Authority Control Coordinator to make a heading correction? Catalogers should generally make headings changes themselves if fewer than 20 records need to be changed or if special subject or language expertise is required to determine the correct heading. May I correct headings in the records of other Yale units? Do not change other units' local subject headings without permission. Please refer the problem to the Authority Control Librarian using the web form.

Authority control is the process that is applied to both descriptive and subject analysis parts of cataloging.Local subject headings are found in the 69X fields and are sometimes called "Special Collection Headings". Example (the 700 field and the third 880 field constitute a pair of linked headings): 14.Examples: 692 14 $a Marcel, Gabriel, $d 1889-1973 $x Presentation inscription to A. Can I copy and paste headings between Orbis and the Utilities? The ability to copy/paste headings between Orbis and the utilities is much improved in Voyager 6.1 (implemented in Dec. Preliminary testing has shown that diacritics carry over properly when using OCLC Connexion (but the delimiter sign does not).Remember to delete the delimiter sign when copying a heading into a search box.Step 1: Validate heading in Orbis Look for an appropriate authority record in Orbis using one of the Staff Heading indexes (most staff will be starting this search from the Authorities Validation box generated when the bib record is saved to the database).

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