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Try it out as a drum machine and I am sure you will agree ... The Alesis Micron is based on the larger Alesis Ion.OVERALL OPINION Sound doesn't "break down" as easily as Ion etc., fat kicks, tight snares and hihats, does noise as well. It's a full 3-octave keyboard housed in a red and white/silver case.The preset sounds are really great and there is a great amount of control available over your tone.The price is definitely reasonable, as this is a great instrument.There are three envelope generators and two LFOs with multiple wave shapes and sample and hold.The Micron offers a programmable step sequencer, an arpeggiator, a rhythm sequencer for drum kits. Stereo inputs let you process external audio through its effects, filters and vocoder.It has 1/4 inch connections, as well as MIDI connections.It has all types of analog synth presets, as well as the ability to make and store your own sounds.

UTILIZATION The configuration and set up of the Alesis Micron is quite easy to follow, and only takes a little bit of use to figure out what everything does.

I use it mostly for pop and rock, and always find that the sounds work well with what I am trying to do and are overall realistic sounding.

The keyboard itself is easy to play and I like the way the pitch wheel is set up.

As you may know there is no "initialise patch" function on the Micron which can be frustrating for the sound designer.

The workaround is simple and fairly obvious - create your own initialised patch and save to the memory.

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Stereo output is excellent for recording and live performance.

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