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So, let’s look at how sexting can help your relationship and some tips for becoming a Picasso at it.

The Perks of Sexting Sexting in a long term relationship offers numerous benefits.

Also, we can do things in our fantasies that we might not be able to do in reality, so sexting allows you and your partner to be wildly uninhibited.

The back and forth exchange this can create can lead to anticipation and more self confidence.

If you have kids and toss them your phone to play a game when they are having an epic meltdown at the grocery store you might want to make sure your dirty texts are deleted or use an app like KIK or Whats App that you can hide within your phone.

It is easy to think that we know everything there is about someone we’ve lived with for years, so exploration can offer us a glimpse of our partner in a new light.

Talk Before You Start Set up a time to talk about your desires and what things are not wanted in your sexting.

Knowing the boundaries allows for freedom to play in the uninhibited space.

In the talk before starting, set up expectations for things such as: times it is ok and not ok to sext, what excites you most, what kind of pictures or videos might your partner enjoy, what do you do with the messages after the fantasy is complete, and how to best use sexting to amp yourselves up for sex.

Keeping Sext Safe If you have a phone issued to you from your work then you might want to consider having a separate phone for sexting, unless you’re cool with Phyllis from IT reading your lovely smut.

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