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In September 2017 Keyshia finally filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.However, neither of the party submitted the additional required documents for their divorce.Cavs game in LA and went out to Cleveland via her tour bus to be with him a week later. Our source tells us that Keyshia is trying to keep this one on the hush hush. Well, if you remember a while back Keyshia stated that she would NEVER date a basketball player! She also said that she would NEVER do the cover of KING again.And besides the fact that she is dating a basketball player, she ain’t even dating one of the hot ones! Last we checked he was getting it in with Teyana Taylor, I guess Keyshia is robbing kids at the playground. Apparently, times are rough: Keyshia is covering the last issue of KING. If I was a platinum selling artist, I wouldn’t share the cover with ANYBODY much less an… She was engaged to rapper Young Jeezy, but she called off the wedding awhile ago.You may have heard whispers along these lines a few days ago, but it’s only in recent hours that a reliable source has said anything on the situation.

In spite of the instant connection, the pair didn’t meet for months. After their son’s birth, the love birds married in May 2011.

2008 - 2008Their relationship ended with Young Jeezy claiming that Cole had proposed marriage, only to be turned down.

Cole, meanwhile, claimed that Jeeezy had asked for her hand in marriage, but she said no.

Their 18-month old baby along with close friends and family members were present in the dream Hawaiian wedding.

Even fans got to enjoy their second wedding as the camera crews of the All seemed to be going well in Daniel and Keyshia’s love nest until 31st October 2014, when the couple parted ways.

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