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Condor watches with her inner vision and trusts that the messages she receives from Spirit are accurate and unlimited in potential and meant for her optimal good.

This unfolding visual process is the same process by which all things come into being.

This ability of the Condor spirit animal is imperative to the "revelation of its destiny".

It is only when Condor can master the protection of her communion with spirit by recognizing and detecting threats, that she can insure that she fulfills her destiny.

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The capacity to interpret images, or visions is Condor's special gift from the Universe.

Condor's mental reflexes are so quick that she immediately recognizes these threats, and by awareness alone, she is able to eliminate them, or navigate around them.

Spirit wants us to become aware of threats to our communion with Spirit so that that connection can continue to develop without obstacles.

And with the gift of Visualization Condor has learned the art of healing herself visually.

All of her visual capabilities are finely tuned, she relies on The Spirit of Creation to lead the way to unfold her destiny.

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