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Here's an example of why Japanese auto companies will keep winning at the expense of GM and Ford: Behind Toyota's hybrid revolution Automaker's successful gamble with Prius fuels its image as a trendsetter Robert Collier, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer Monday, April 24, 2006 assemble doors for the Prius at the Toyota Tsutsumi Plant in Toyota City, Japan. With an ill-fitting suit and spiky hairdo, his hands flutter bashfully across his face as he talks of "difficulties," "challenges" and "problems." The 45-year-old engineer refuses to brag about his accomplishments. hybrid sales Ogiso, chief designer of the Prius, stands inside the Toyota showroom in Toyota City, about 150 miles southwest of Tokyo Toyota City, Japan -- Satoshi Ogiso doesn't look or act like a brash automobile executive.

Yamamoto cited Toyota's steps to improve the recyclability of its cars, its reduction of waste and pollution in its manufacturing plants, and its focus on fuel efficiency.The team protested that this would be impossible with a normal internal combustion gasoline engine. The team worked feverishly, canceling all vacations and working through most weekends, and divided into two 12-hour shifts, working around the clock. At first, the electric motor's battery was very sensitive to high temperatures, and it would malfunction when heated up by the gasoline engine next to it."For a long time, we couldn't solve that," Ogiso said."We don't believe carbon dioxide is the same as a pollutant, and for this reason it's not covered under the Clean Air Act," he said, referring to the 1977 law, amended in 1990, that gives California the right to set air-quality standards different from the federal government's rules. N: Quote, Profile, Research) and Toyota Motor Corp. T: Quote, Profile, Research), that have bet on broadening popularity for hybrids, including more powerful six-cylinder models and sport utility vehicles.In fact, Toyota probably would benefit if the new California rule goes into effect in 2009 as scheduled, because its cars produce less emissions than its competitors' cars. "What it comes down to is whether you want to pay for that premium right up front...

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