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And in my longer stories so far the ends are defined by time, and arrive naturally.

In the meantime characters started doing things that I didn't plan for them to do, and as other characters react to this again it all becomes really interesting.

Photo / Lauren Harris After a quick disclaimer explaining that NOW was not responsible for any encounters with the speed daters following the event, the night was underway.

The group of attendees was divided by gender, then sent on a series of 26 3-minute blind dates.

The 58 romantics went into the dates with high hopes and many came out successful.

Speed dater and UNC Charlotte sophomore Ray Atkinson met several potential dates he could “stalk on Facebook.” “I’ve been single for 20 years, so I’m not desperate but a little bit hopeful.

I did not get any numbers, but I got a lot of names, so I can just go stalk them on Facebook,” said Atkinson.

One anonymous late arrival had an interesting motivation for attending speed dating. I am looking to replace my current significant other, so I came here looking to find somebody,” said the anonymous speed dater.

“I wish I would have come earlier to see what I could have gotten out of this.

It is a bit like playing AD& D with myself, putting a certain scenario in front of my characters and letting them react to it.

Of course there is an end goal in mind, but how to get there is another matter.

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