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But I’ve always been confused about why dads and daughters structure that time around “dates”—roleplaying lessons in opposite-gender respect—while the same expectation apparently doesn’t exist between mothers and sons. If there’s no dad, should the moms be taking the daughter out and showing her how to be respected at a fancy dinner and a formal dance?

AND, this is important to note, this all assumes that the family is a heterosexual, 1950s nuclear family. If there’s no mom, should the dads be doing the same thing with their son?

I would consider myself a conversationalist, someone who enjoys staying in as much as going out, as well as traveling and doing new things.

(Don’t even get me started on the “Purity Balls” where daughters “pledge” their virginity and “purity” to their fathers.

Can anyone show me ANY example of an institution where sons pledge their “purity” to their mothers?

Again, this has nothing to do with romance or sexuality.

But, for some reason, we have decided that father-daughter time should involve an element of roleplay—roleplay that’s undeniably based on the tropes of modern dating—and mother-son time should not. I do think that I’d be more accepting of the daddy-daughter date roleplaying if society placed just as much value on mothers and sons doing exactly the same thing. And I find that disparity both troubling and telling.

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