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Your job is to make her feel good and help write the story, all the way to your bedroom.

Remember a very attractive woman can have sex or ‘Hookup’ whenever she wants, if she wanted to have some anonymous sex she could organise that in a second, she knows that 9/10 guys would drop everything and take her home if she suggested she wanted to have sex.

Tell your Tinder date to do things throughout the date; tell her “try the food because it is great!

” – she does and loves it, then you suggest to the girl that she should check out something in the window – she does and it was great, you suggest to go to this other bar – she does and it is a good place, you ask her to you her hand for ‘some reason of your choice’.

It has two main sections, how to hookup when you are on your Tinder date, and how to use Tinder to get laid.

2 different things, I’ll explain but read the hookup strategy first because you will understand woman a lot more.

Snack food for several reasons; its cheap, it is fast, you don’t get too full and sleepy, you’ll still have room for a glass of wine after, you don’t have to wait uncomfortably long time to get your food and no awkward moments when getting the check.

When he got a notification she had “liked” him on the app, he messaged her immediately.

She quickly responded, “hey :)” “I was amazed she was interested in me,” he said.

Always get the cheque, your goal here is to give her an amazing night that finishes in your bedroom. There are woman who genuinely pay bills and enjoy paying there way, but they are as rare as rocking-horse sh! Men paying the bills is attractive in a primal, providing a home, taking care of your women type of way.

Even if you date a die-hard feminist they, they are still turned off by you if you don’t pay the bill.

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