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He married Lady Diana Egerton, daughter of Scroop Egerton, 1st Duke of Bridgewater, but did not get along with her and they spent most of their married life apart. Frederick moved to the continent where he remained until he died in Naples in 1771.Calvert had numerous illegitimate children by various women and attempted to support them.Instead, he spent time in England and on the European continent particularly in Italy.He also lived for a time in Constantinople where he saw and admired the customs and harems of the Turks and so on his return to England, in 1766, he caused a part of his house to be taken down, and rebuilt in the form of a Turkish harem.The modern felt pen inscription just reads; "Lord Egremont".There is also a frame-maker's trade label which is a little hard to read. ) Neatly Fitted Up - Glasses Polished and Restored - Paper Hanger." With the help of a Leverton family historian, it has been possible to determine this must be for the John Leverton (1803-1875) appearing in the Plymouth, Devon, town and census records between 18 census as a carver and gilder.

Calvert lived a life of leisure, writing verse and regarding the Province of Maryland as little more than a source of revenue.

Calvert had owned Maryland at a time of rising discontent in the colony at his family's feudal rule and amidst growing demands by the legislative assembly for an end to his family's authoritarian rule.

Frederick, however, remained aloof from the colony and never once set foot in it in his lifetime.

The image is rare as the National Portrait Gallery in London has no images of any kind of the 4th Earl.

The reverse of the frame has been inscribed three times.

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He willed Maryland to his illegitimate son, Henry Harford.

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