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Because of her calculated reasons to be interested, Rei quickly made a move on Mamoru, which is why they began dating.Mamoru also interested Usagi, but she was too nervous to do anything.

This way she could be adorable and startled and he could be convinced to go on a date with her. Rei's fiery spirit was what got them together, even if their meet-cute went horribly wrong.Mamoru and Usagi got together almost immediately and became the iconic Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon coupling. While he liked Rei and appreciated her company, he was generally aloof. It's also understandable when he has a confusing alter ego that erases parts of his memory and he thinks that pieces of himself are missing.When Mamoru and Rei dated, he became someone Rei quite liked. Sailor Mars enjoyed her time with him and he was an ideal possible future husband. However, it's heartbreaking to watch him switch so easily to loving Usagi with all of his heart.Rei's just left to pick up the pieces of their doomed relationship.The pragmatic genius she is, Rei meticulously planned Mamoru meeting her in a cute, charming way. She walked back up to him and invited him to tea, saying he owed her for stepping on her head.

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In the original manga, the coupling of Rei and Mamoru never saw the light of day. She was fiercely logical and didn't place much faith in men.

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