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Another danger with supervisor-employee romances is that one party can genuinely feel that the relationship is consensual, but the other party may feel obliged to engage or continue the relationship just to keep their job.

First, half the participants were told that the employee was currently dating their superior; this information was absent in the other half of the scenarios.

Some company policies require that employees disclose their relationship with another employee, hoping to minimize any problems that could arise.

This may include having both parties acknowledge that they should act professionally and undergo counseling to ensure that they have a clear understanding of how the relationship could play a role in sexual harassment policies.

At the same time, however, people with knowledge of the workplace tryst might think less favorably of those who become romantically involved with their bosses, resenting them for appearing to use that relationship to advance their careers.

Across two studies, Suzanne Chan-Serafin and her colleagues investigated the effects of subordinate-boss workplace relationships on individuals’ career development.

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Limitations may exist, related to employee privacy and prohibition of non-work related activities so it is important to consult with an attorney regarding the specifics of your case.

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