Psychological dating violence

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Because of this, understanding the evolving history of IPV is necessarily context-specific, yet it is also important to recognize that there have been dramatic changes in policy in many nations since 2000 that have been motivated by growing awareness and advocacy.

As discussed in more detail in the following sections, a substantial minority of IPV-exposed women have more than one violent partner in their lifetime, and these relationships often persist for years.Intimate partner violence (IPV), which refers to acts or threats of physical, sexual, or psychological violence against a current or former partner, represents one of the greatest threats to the health and well-being of families and children worldwide.Although many of the psychological and physical ramifications of victimization by a violent partner are shared across contexts, it is critical to recognize that the cultural, social, and legal meanings and implications of victimization—and the access that survivors have to protection and support in the aftermath of violence—vary dramatically across contexts.Assessing intimate partner violence, however, is not without controversy, and a helpful articulation of contemporary debates and criticisms is well summarized in Hamby 2009.Jewkes 2002, alternatively, is a review of studies evaluating risk factors for IPV, focusing on many of the core theoretical assumptions that undergird the field, including the role of social inequalities, power dynamics, and gender.

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