Parker guitar dating serial number wow not updating tools

The new Eko Infinito features a genuine Italian Alpine Spruce top, National Walnut fingerboard and bridge, Okoumè neck.

For back and sides, we decided to use the Okoumè treated with ETS (Eko Tanning System) again.

Already in 1999 the pickups, custom Di Marzio "GEN1", were changed to the GEN2 version (also by Di Marzio).

In the mid nineties, GEN1 pickups were criticized for having a much too "hi-fi tone".

The last digit ranges from 3The letters after the serial indicate the woods used.

So the serial number shown above 227086BMH for instance says 227th day in 1994 = August 15th 08 = eighth guitar produced that day 6 = 1996 BMH=Basswood Neck, Mahogany Body.

So there won‘t be any ribbon cable problems in future anymore!

My Parker Fly had this issue and I didn‘t want to change its original state.

The problem has been caused by the battery clip cable that was wound around the ribbon cable.

[...] The ONE 018 CW EQ guitar, in addition to its extremely attractive aesthetics given by the 018 CW Eq shape, has some unique features that are not found before: the 48mm fingerboard width at nut (the standard is 43mm), the 57mm [...] The MIA IV 018 CW Eq features a solid Cedar top, flamed Ovangkol back and sides, Mahogany neck and South American Roupana fingerboard.

MIA IV series is among the first in the world to be fitted with the new Fishman FLEX Blend [...] An uncompromising series based on a selection of woods from all over the world.

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