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Even if you happen to be shy, introvert or any other reason that keeps you away from love, then online dating might just become your best friend as well. Not just for love, but for meeting great friends too. I am a member of Tinder, Badoo, e Harmony and™. First of all,™ is the only online dating site that I’ve used that has features that actually promote your inner qualities.This is something that almost everyone says they have, but how many features have you seen that actually does it?If you guys find it interesting, you can start chatting.But you can’t see each other, your pictures will remain hidden until you get to know each other more.There are actually only 2 things that I feel the need to bring up.

They also give you a short and a cool presentation on how your personalities might match each other, both pros and cons.I also want to throw in something, or someone, that I think everyone should try. Around 37% of those couples had their first date after a week of chatting. With everything that comes between our happiness in life, it is hard to find the energy, lust or time to meet someone.And because you already know more about the person before you meet, a stunning 77% planned their second date after the first one. Online dating is a great way to keep it on your terms based on who you are and are capable of doing. Because they also have online blind dating, not just online dating. It has given millions of users the possibility to find new friends and lovers. Around 2014-2015, between 20-30 % of Americans (depending on surveys), said that online dating was only used by desperate people.That statement has somewhat changed today, as the social environments on the internet has become a habit for many.

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