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Shine Love On Me is a low-quality white label dating site. Shine is a low quality site because it uses “Website Hosts.” “Hosts” are fake profiles used to “stimulate conversation” and monitor activity on the site.Here are the important parts of the Terms of Use: Registering anonymously is common for these sites.The website is a facade; there is no appointment booking, and no personnel to help.Next you are asked to create a user name, password and provide an email in the “Free Verification Process” Next, you are asked to enter your credit card to sign up for the service, and it shows you a free option.I am very familiar with this site, I get many inquiries.The short gibberish name is used for discreet billing purposes. Staffordish is a shell company in Lefkosia (Nicosia) Cyprus.

What you find is: This short video () shows exactly how Discreet Dating Affirmation works, and hides the charges. If you don’t want to watch the video, but would like to see the proof, here is a picture sequence of Discreet Dating Affirmation. Join Safely Online is registered anonymously in Panama.But individuals who frequent them say scams are pervasive., for instance, includes a disclaimer at the bottom of every onsite email between members, warning not to send money or provide credit card information to anyone you've met on the site."I probably hear from five scammers a night," says Marko Budgyk, a Los Angeles financier who has frequented several online dating sites over the past 10 years.Therefore it means that you were interacting with a scammer based in the Philippines. When the the scammer meets you online, they quickly escalate to intimacy and sharing nude pictures. This will be followed up by a demand for money, or they will post your naked pics on social media, telling all your friends and family.Here are a few examples: From the BBC – Sextortion: Big rise in victims with ‘tens of thousands at risk’ From Marketwatch – I was Humiliated – online dating scammers hold nude photos for ransom No.

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