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At just over 80,000 fans, Camp Randall can provide the same atmosphere at Beaver Stadium or The Horseshoe, and as is the case with all the schools and stadiums mentioned above, Wisconsin fans are fanatical about their Badgers. Michigan’s Michigan Stadium- Known to many as “The Big House,” Michigan Stadium is currently the largest college football stadium in the country.The Horseshoe seats just over 101,000 fans, and is a difficult place to play based on both the deafening volume of the stadium and the consistent quality of the Buckeye teams playing inside it.Just as Iowa and Penn State are the primary football option for people living in those areas, Ohio State is the main attraction for Ohio State fans (Cincinnati and Cleveland are in the bottom and top of the state, respectively, while Columbus is right in the middle).ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit stated in 2005 that Penn State had the best student section in the country.Undoubtedly, the support has waned recently in Happy Valley, which is the reason why Beaver Stadium is not first in the list, but it is nonetheless still one of the iconic venues in college football and a very intimidating stadium. Ohio State’s Ohio Stadium- Known to many as “The Horseshoe,” Ohio Stadium is one of the loudest, biggest, and most recognizable venues in college football.

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