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As hypothesized, behaviors improved as a result of the interventions.

Day 5: All pages should be completed and all links tested by the middle of the class period, so that the Web site coordinating group could put the site together and then show the finished product to the class.This study (Dating violence prevention programs in public middle schools: A multi-level experimental evaluation) was funded by the National Institute of Justice (Grant # 2008-MU-MU-0010), along with co-funding from the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, U. This searchable collection of resources generated in the field includes training tools, campaigns, promising programs, evidence, policies, and other materials that can be adapted in your community to advance the prevention of intimate partner violence.It attempts to monitor such sites on a regular basis.However, the CSSRC cannot be responsible for the content of any site external to its own.

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However, after analysis these anomalous results were deemed to be most likely spurious.

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