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1847 to 1970: the company was owned outright by the Copeland family and a variation on Copeland or W. Copeland was used; again often in conjunction with the Spode name.  In 1970, to celebrate the supposed bicentenary of the founding of the company, the name reverted to Spode with a new logo designed by John Sutherland Hawes.

This is the name used until the closure of the factory in 2009.

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Learning about styles and shapes can also help date pieces, particularly on the older pieces from the early 1800s when many were not marked.

There are few recorded dates for the introduction and use of any of the Spode backstamps.

This means formerly Spode as the name continued to be used because the Spode brand had become so well-known.

Above is an unusual backstamp which includes the name of the pottery body (ie recipe).

This though can only be a guide to a date - it is not an exact science and some backstamps were used for many, many years.

Robert Copeland carried out the most reliable and detailed research of backstamps used by the company and his 'marks book' is a necessary requirement for the serious collector.

Start of the Spode business to 1833: the company was known as Spode.

You may also find pieces which are impressed Spode and then printed Copeland & Garrett.

The undecorated pieces were already made and marked Spode prior to the name change in 1833.

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with particular backstamps and are a little complicated.

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