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He is also selective about the roles he plays and has thus Jared Leto biography has been widely searched by fans and critics throughout the world. If you are wondering who is Jared Leto dating now, Jared Leto girlfriend 2016 is a Russian model named Valery Kaufman.

On 1991, he was rumored to have been dating Soleil Moon Frye.

Due to the fact that Jared Leto girlfriend does not exist one of his fans asked on his Twitter page what does he think about Kristen Stewart and Jared answered only with one word that has four letters in it “Love”, so if he was serious of just joking it is not clear yet.

Thus, Jared also does not look like he is 41, he looks much younger and he is a real star in the sphere of music, while the last boyfriend that Kristen had, Robert Pattinson just looked like a rock star, but did not have any famous carrier in music, just acing.

Jared Leto net worth and salary: Jared Leto is an American actor and musician who has a net worth of million.

He received positive reviews when he played Steve Prefontaine in 1997's Prefontaine.

He is capable in a lot of spheres of show business and has made good roles that are evaluated perfectly by movie critics in such movies like Requiem for a Dream and Mr. Even though Jared had had a lot of women that could have been called as Jared Leto girlfriend, he states that he has a serious crush on Kristen Stewart on his Twitter and even though he is a lot older than she it seems that he is serious about it.

Jared, who is 41, is almost twenty years older than she is and maybe he just made the joke about it.

It seems that Jared fans are taking this for serious and they would like to see him with Kristen together and happy, and people may never know what can happen.

And Jared has a lot of women attention that would love to become Jared Leto girlfriend, and he spends time with different women, without having one permanent.

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