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“We do know that Teleamazonas made the best offer for these FTA [free-to-air] rights in Ecuador.

And that’s why we took it.” Uefa did not say why it had previously asserted that it had not had any dealings with any of the indicted companies or individuals.

But having checked through thousands of contracts, it said it could confirm that in addition to two contracts with Cross Trading for the Champions League and Uefa Cup in Ecuador from 2003 to 20 to 2009, it had also signed a Euro 2016 hospitality sales agreement with Traffic Sports Europe, a Brazilian company named extensively in the US indictment.

Fifa said that the matter was largely one for Uefa and that its assertion that “to the best of his knowledge Gianni Infantino had no dealings in his time at Uefa with any of the persons mentioned” was based on information received from Uefa.

These explanations have been conveyed to the media in a clear, reasonable, and perfectly transparent way.

The contracts covered the period from 2003 to 2006 and from 2006 to 2009.

“The reason why Cross Trading appears as the contract partner in this deal is simply because Team was advised that Cross Trading had the mandate to act as exclusive buyer for all sports TV rights of Teleamazonas in the European area,” it said.

“Neither Team nor Uefa had any reason to believe that there was anything suspicious or untoward about an agency relationship between Cross Trading and Teleamazonas.” It said any bilateral deals between Teleamazanoas and Cross Trading were “their business, not ours”.

Cross Trading signed a deal with Uefa’s broadcasting and marketing partner, called Team.

Infantino’s name appears on the contract as Uefa’s director of legal services.

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Uefa insisted the TV rights deals with Cross Trading were all above board and it could not have known when they were signed in 20 that Jinkis would be involved in the scandal a decade later.

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