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Therefore, Madonna has ties to Harper Collins and one of its deposed CEOs, Judith “Rupert Murdoch pimp slapped me” Regan. Jessica’s husband, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, has gone on the offensive, defending his 5-finger discount wife and her publisher Harper Collins.

Madonna’s Sex book was also a rip off of a French book published several years before hers by a French author. Sadly, his wife and Harper Collins lack a lot in the integrity department. And as mentioned above, stealing a Christian manuscript, by a black minority, for a book that was in the copyright office 4 years before they committed criminal copyright infringement. a.) Right after her wedding and honeymoon to theatre mogul Eric Nederlander in 1998 she started dating Seinfeld, prompting her husband to divorce her. Wow, right after the honeymoon – a paragon of virtue, that woman.

Jerry is just another “don’t-you-know-who-I-am,” overpaid, self-indulgent twit who thinks being rich gives him a license to do anything he wants.

Here is slandering an honest author who was ripped off by his wife after he tried to cheat a realtor out of her commission and had to be ordered by a court to pay her and built a full-size baseball diamond on his Hamptons estate without the required permits.

Not only did she come across as callow and inexperienced when she tried to pitch her “Deceptively Delicious” book on television, what she was pushing did not reconcile with her as a person.

The whole thing seemed above her head and a little too advanced for her. The rip off by Jessica was published by the infamous Harper Collins, who was pitched the infringed book, The Sneaky Chef, a year in advance but rejected author Lapine.

She then sent Oprah Winfrey a thank-you of 21 expensive pairs of high-heeled shoes after appearing on her show to plug the book. The New York Times published a 2,000-word piece this week aiming to set the record straight on Jessica Seinfeld but, predictably, ended up making her sound more dreadful than ever.” I can’t believe he went on Letterman to trash this other woman and that Letterman allowed it.

Posted: Nov 2, 2007 at pm Havent we seen enough from the Seinfelds to last a lifetime now?Note to the Oprah Winfrey Show: while I know you all read this site, as it’s come up in the site stats here, and I do think you mean well in a lot of things (with the exception of that “most homophobic nation” slur, among other things – what? ), your research department is letting the show down.In 2007 Jessica Seinfeld ripped off 15 uncommon puree styled recipes from Missy Chase Lapine’s 2006 copyrighted book “The Sneaky Chef.” This isn’t everyday common stuff.Jerry, have a read of the following quotes, especially the public feedback section below, and maybe tomorrow you can make some calls and book another show to slam the author and mother of two she ripped off, you know, like you did last week on Letterman.Then maybe you can make some more calls and buy your wife some good publicity and purchase some standard Hollywood libel against the author she has ripped off and defrauded, if it will make your adulteress wife feel better.

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