Japanese dating for money

Many, not all, but quite a few will just flat out refuse to work.

They will look to you to be the bread winner and work to support the family.

Make things very clear from the beginning right from your early dating activities so there can be no confusion as to what you are looking for in a wife.

The husband resents her because every month he is financially tapped out and fatigued from working two jobs while she stays home.

Many women in Japan do not work after the age of 35.

Most men hold very stable jobs and work for one company for many years and are very loyal to this one company.

Having known quite a few guys who married, and subsequently divorced their Japanese wives it often stemmed from the wives refusal to work, or if they did work they would be very resentful of the husband and be a cold fish to him for long periods of time. It is one of the biggest problem marrying Japanese women. Keep in mind this man was the rank of Major in the Air Force. What he did not anticipate was that she would take their kid and disappear to Japan where he had little legal recourse to even see his kid on any regular basis! Unfortunately the vast majority of couples involving a marriage to a Japanese woman that I am aware of have encountered this problem.

I constantly here from many, many American men who are married to a Japanese girl that once the wedding takes place the sex seems to stop. Resentment enters into the picture fairly quickly for both the husband and the wife, resulting in a marriage that deteriorates in rapid fashion.

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