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This was the precursor to the first Belarusian national political party Gromada, formed in 1903. Mass displacement of the peasant classes (from 1906 – 1916) saw more than 33,000 move from Belarusian territory to Siberia.

1915 - 1916 – Belarusian territory was the scene of bloody battles between German and Russian forces.

In 1569 the Grand Duchy and the Kingdom of Poland signed the Union of Lublin: on equal terms the Duchy and the Crown united in a federative state – Rzecz Pospolita.

It signified the start of a new chapter in Belarusian history.

This was a particularly turbulent time in Belarusian history.

The state was drawn into wars in Europe and with Russia including: Rzecz Pospolita led to long wars which weakened the state, and it lost its independence.

The 9th century gives us the first recorded accounts of Polotsk and the Polotsk Duchy in the territory of modern Vitebsk and the northern part of the Minsk regions.

It remained the dominating force in the region until the 13th century.

The Belarusian territories were occupied by German forces until 1918.

In 1772 the western provinces of Belarus were annexed to the Russian Empire and in 1795 Rcecz Pospolitsa was divided between Russia, Austria and Prussia.

As a result of the division of Rzecz Pospolita into three parts, Belarus land became part of the Russian Empire.

March 1917 – Revolution in Russia resulted in the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II. March 1918 – the Belarusian People’s Republic declared independence.

This lasted until the German withdrawal later that year.

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The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Rus and Samogotia was a powerful state spanning Belarus, Lithuania, the Kiev, Chernigov and Volyn areas of the Ukraine and western Russia from the Baltics to the Black Sea.

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