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So if you played Hakuoki and was looking for something a bit similar, this is definitely the game for you.

I do wonder though, what baffles my mind, is all the modern references they make during the game.

So yaaay~ no dealing with English patches(for all the people out there who work on English patches, big THANK YOU! There has been a manga adaption of Yo-Jin-Bo as well as a PS2 game that has been only released in Japan which included two characters (Fuuma Kasumimaru and Harumoto Ohno) that you couldn't capture in the PC version.

The title is actually a pun sadly lost in the English language, for Yo-Jin-Bo literally means "Bodyguards" and it's also the names of your three new main bodyguards: Yo, Jin, and Bo!

He really hates being treated like a kid despite him being the youngest.

He loves making fun of Jin and is super cute when he gets all strung-up!

You even get a special bonus chapter once you finish the game!So difficulty isn't that bad as in you don't need specific parameters like with other otome games, but it's not so easy as in all you need to do is make sure your love meter is high.School romance is a genre that many of us in the anime community can’t seem to get enough of when it is done right.After that, you're just whisked into the adventure of samurais and ninjas, of course, all of whom are hot guys ;). She's a lively, spunky, tomboyish girl who speaks her mind and isn't your typical goody-good princess; I almost fell in love with her as much as the guys did LOL.Hatsuhime's personal bodyguard ever since they were young. He's kind and extremely loyal and protective of Hatsuhime, and (according to the crew at least) says really bad jokes. His nickname is Yo and he's part of the Yo-Jin-Bo trio.

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