Im dating a gang member

The only thing is that with some, it takes a lot longer to happen.Many look at the one guy who is head of a gang with plenty of friends and money. Even when it doesnt, he needs to be constantly aware that someone might try to do something to him and his family and friends because of his position. Justin Justin, The kind of things we do in a gang is mostly fighting.We fight against other gangs to show pride for our own gang, but in reality, we dont even know what were fighting for. Someone who cares California Would you think gang life is fun Tim Tim, You asked if the gang life is fun. The fun is for a minute but it costs a lifetime of pain. California Tim, At the time I was hanging with the gang, yes I thought it was fun.I hope you make the right choices while the options remain open to you. New Jersey I just want to know if the gang showed you more love than your parents? Even though I no longer am affiliated, I am still judged by these tattoos. Soon after I started to meet new people and was making friends.Why is it that the same excuse also comes up "That's all that was around where I lived". Lupita Hey Lupita, My name is Angel and I'm in a good mood. The gang only showed me to be more of a fool and that your homeboys are not always going to be there for you no matter how much you say you love them. I started hanging out with the cool crowd and sitting at their table during lunch.

Finding out about what you get later, is just about impossible to get out of. New Jersey The first thing that comes to mind is that I have several gang-related tattoos that are all over my body.

The guy you are with may have a disagreement with someone.

If he cannot be gotten to because he is aware and on guard, his wife or girlfriend and children might be a target.

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