How to chat up a granny

I'm "Nanny" and my fellow grandmother to the delicious grandbaby is "Grandma" - we actually both have a version of our first names attached but I best say no more lest I out us!My dp (stepgrandfather) is "Grandpa His Name" and my former husband is "Grandad". I always thought I'd like to be Grandmamma but that sort of pretentious nonsense was laughed out of me early on!Maybe work on the delivery a bit more then you’re golden.

I expressed no preference, although I'm not keen on Nan, Nanny or Nana.

Even if it was an innocent typo, the connotations of necrophilia will forever haunt any attempts in this conquest. So in hindsight, it would probably be better if you avoided granny banging and jelly dicks altogether.

In fact, maybe just avoid pick-up lines, they never seem to work.

We’ve all heard of Tinder, and I’m sure many guys are guilty of sending the odd ‘I’m joking if it doesn’t work, but if it does work lets go with it’ lame pickup line.

So we decided to round up the top 10 Tinder pick-up lines: Whilst I’m sure archaeology related pick-up lines work great in the club, perhaps not so much on Tinder. She tells you she’s ‘taking it at college’ and you can’t make any innuendo from that? It’s been many moons since opening a conversation with a girl about how large your penis has elicited a positive response. Maybe the shock got to you Praveen, maybe that footlong diverted some much needed blood flow away from your noggin’.

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