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Like other digital music players, some versions of the i Pod can serve as external data storage devices.

Prior to mac OS 10.15 Apple's i Tunes software (and other alternative software) can be used to transfer music, photos, videos, games, contact information, e-mail settings, Web bookmarks, and calendars, to the devices supporting these features from computers using certain versions of Apple mac OS and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

As development progressed, Apple continued to refine the software's look and feel.Digital cameras, camcorders and organizers had well-established mainstream markets, but the company found existing digital music players "big and clunky or small and useless" with user interfaces that were "unbelievably awful," so Apple decided to develop its own.As ordered by CEO Steve Jobs, Apple's hardware engineering chief Jon Rubinstein assembled a team of engineers to design the i Pod line, including hardware engineers Tony Fadell and Michael Dhuey, Rubinstein had already discovered the Toshiba hard disk drive while meeting with an Apple supplier in Japan, and purchased the rights to it for Apple, and had also already worked out how the screen, battery, and other key elements would work.Before the release of i OS 5, the i Pod branding was used for the media player included with the i Phone and i Pad, a combination of the Music and Videos apps on the i Pod Touch.As of i OS 5, separate apps named "Music" and "Videos" are standardized across all i OS-powered products.

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