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In early 2000 the original group members La Tavia and Le Toya left the group and were replaced with Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin.

Five months after joining Farrah left and Destiny's Child as we know and love them were born.

Don't get us wrong, Beyoncé always looked amazing, but we do have a feeling that all the matching looks she was required to wear with the group made her suppress her own fashion choices.

Once she started dating Jay-Z and her solo career kicked off, her style got much riskier and hotter.

The two are not only one of the most influential couples in the world, but they both have incredible careers on their own.

As we all know, they got married back in 2008 and have three children together.

Eventually, the girls decided to take a break, only to have us go wild once they came back with their To wrap things up we thought a side-by-side of Jay and Bey at the beginning of their relationship and them today would be appropriate.

Who would know that these photos were taken over fifteen years apart?

We do have to say that weirdly enough we are kind of digging their '80s inspired colorful outfits! After that, it was evident that something needs to be changed and soon afterward Beyoncé and Kelly became members of Destiny's Child — a girl group that didn't go for an obvious TLC vibe like Girls Tyme did.

Back in 2002 Beyoncé and Jay-Z collaborated on "'03 Bonnie & Clyde", a song that quickly became a hit and not too long after its release everyone started speculating whether the two were actually dating in real life.

Fast forward seventeen years and we can with certainty claim that they were.

The girl always knew how to smize, there's no doubt about that.

While Beyoncé wasn't always as cool as she is now, she certainly did know how to pose and that is very important in the business she was about to enter. Now while we can't really imagine Beyoncé with anyone else but Jay-Z, before the two met she did have a relationship worth mentioning.

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  1. While I'm pleased that he's come out and I'm happy for him, I find it insulting when -- and they do this ONLY for gay stars -- when Hollywood PR flack say some bs about the actor wanting to have "a private life." It's bullshit and it's insulting. They once played lovers in a play, and I can't help wondering if the audience found that really confusing. It seems like a lot of his fans already knew he was gay knew about him being with Mark.