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“It goes back to the old fashioned way of meeting in person, carving out time, really understanding someone, what they’re looking for, they’re past romantic history; what worked, what didn’t work,” Adler explained. Another 48% choose a partner after three or four introductions.There are other important details clients must ponder: do I want children? Despite its high price tag, there may be a practical side to Selective Search and high end matchmakers like it.“Going on random date after random date can be very lonely, can be exhausting,” said Adler.“If you look at your credit card bill at the end of the year, and you’re still empty-handed or you’re spending three or four years with the wrong person, that adds up.” The Clients’ Point of View…

“Life is so precious and what really matters is not at all what’s in the bank but what matters is how happy you are,” says Adler.“She’s everything that I said I wanted.” “I’ve used executive recruiters in business quite frequently so the thought of using an executive recruiter in my social sphere felt somewhat normal,” said Philip (again, name changed), a Boston-based businessman who hired Selective Search in 2009.Philip’s decision to employ a matchmaking service stemmed from concern that his employees might discover him were he to build a profile on internet dating platforms.“There are times in life when the conversation flows seamlessly back and forth and it could just go on and on and on—this was one of those cases where the conversation felt perfect at all levels,” remembers Philip.So perfect, it seems, that the two are planning to wed sometime next year.

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After an initial in-depth interview at Selective Search’s Chicago HQ, he was introduced to two ladies chosen for him by the company whom he spoke with by phone and met face to face.

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