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Emma Watson appears to film herself stripping naked and masturbating while talking dirty to her fans in the video above.

Of course us pious Muslims are not at all surprised to see Emma so brazenly flaunting her nude body while encouraging her hopelessly depraved fanbase to stroke their no doubt pathetically tiny penises, as they ..

Yes this Emma Watson sex tape video certainly proves that she has a talent for f*cking.

However, talent can only take you so far in this world.

That is why it comes as no surprise to see Emma Watson on the random webcam chat ..

I must admit that the scene in which Emma Watson takes two cocks up her ass at once (a feat usually only performed by infidel men) does show quite a bit of talent.

If Emma could fit just one more cock up there then her anus would almost be ready to accommodate the enormous meat scud of us virile Muslim men.

Actress Emma Watson appears to show off her snug panties while laying in bed in the video above from her private Snapchat.

It is unclear what Patreon level one has to be to get these sorts of slutty personal videos, but considering Emma Watson’s failed acting career since the Harry Potter franchise ended one would ..

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