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Winston and Koch executive produce alongside Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver for Sony Pictures TV and CBS TV Studios.Osment co-stars with a one-year deal on Chuck Lorre’s upcoming Netflix comedy series . Osment is with ICM Partners, Management 360 and attorney Bill Sobel.She has also appeared in Cyberbully, Cleaners, A Daughter’s Nightmare as well as the movie Kiss Me and stars as Gabi in the ABC series Young and Hungry.Emily Osmont dating is as much talked about as her contributions to the field of acting are.Benton is repped by WME, Perennial Entertainment and attorney Shreck Rose Dappello Adams. Emily is in a relationship with Jimmy Tatro since 2014.#datinghorrorstories — Emily Osment (@Emily Osment) May 30, 2018 He went through my closet and said “no, no, no, no, oh my god is this from Old Navy? #datinghorrorstories — Emily Osment (@Emily Osment) May 30, 2018 When I was 16 a guy picked me up at my parents’ house by honking and then paid for the movie with an AMC gift card he found in his glove compartment.

She co-starred as Gerti Giggles on Spy Kids movie series and was cast as Lilly Truscot alongside Miley Cyrus in the Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana.actress revealed a few horrible dates she once had on Twitter today (May 30).“Doing this #datinghorrorstories series because first of all, it’s hilarious, and second of all, it’s better to try and fail then not try at all,” Emily writes to her fans.She continues, “I regret nothing and neither should you.Plus, if you don’t have bad you don’t know what good looks like.” Check out all her dating horror stories below: One time, on a date gone very wrong, we both made excuses to go home early and then accidentally ran into each other at the same bar an hour later. I’m going to take you shopping” and then cheat on you.

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