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That being said, you can't buy materials for the gifts without any shells (the game's currency) and working to earn some shells will require you to expend HP.HP is basically the most important resource in the game.We can't exactly applaud its predictable approach yet we can't deny being amused during some sequences.We would have preferred to see the characters change their negative reactions instead of being stuck with one line the whole game.Kattie the Dream Kitty is the first character you meet upon launching the game.As Air, you are the only human in a land inhabited by animal spirits.These are not confined to a single race or gender either as the available options are pretty diverse.

The process is simple enough to grasp, however, the game's limited talk mechanics tend to get quite tedious.

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Wish upon the Starry Moon and find true love in Purra Academy Dating Sim.

This otome game created by nummyz transports you to the fantastic realm of Purra. Will you succeed and stay there forever or will you return to Earth after your romantic adventure?

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We also wouldn't mind an option to change Air's attitude without ending up in a dialogue loop. If you don’t mind the art style and are after a simple, bite-sized game to keep you entertained, then this title is a candidate.

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