Drug expiration dating calculations

For example, it would be unreasonable to administer a 5m L injection to a mouse as there is simply not enough room inside the animal to contain this volume.

Post-dilution, the working concentration of this solution is calculated using the formula shown below.

As indicated within its notes section, modifying the Formulary sheet is advised against unless the user’s stock drug concentrations differ from those in the calculator; users may modify this sheet to resolve the disparity.

However, concentrations outside those recommended have not been tested, so we are unable to guarantee the calculator’s effectiveness if the Formulary sheet is altered.

Desired Dose (mg/kg)  Animal Weight (kg)/Final Volume (m L)=Working Concentration (mg/m L) When performing simultaneous administration of multiple drugs, the dilutant volume and working concentrations of each drug are modified to take into account the relative changes in drug agent volumes.

The Mouse Dosage Calculator The Mouse Dosage Calculator is a computer-based spreadsheet application designed using the Microsoft Excel 2010 software platform.

The calculator has been field tested by veterinary technicians within the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Laboratory Animal Resource Center on a range of mouse cases.

The Challenges of Compounding Commercially produced preparations of drugs in concentrations ideal for mice are not readily available.

Since recommended drug dosages in mice may change as more research becomes available, users are always encouraged to consult the current literature or their animal care department for drug dose recommendations.

The calculator file is divided between two sheets: “Calculator” serves as the user interface, requiring inputs and displaying instructions on how to prepare drugs; and “Formulary” includes the raw data such as stock concentrations and other internal metrics.

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