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One study, which appeared in the journal , found that revealing intimate details about yourself — the kinds of stories that organically pop-up when you’re in new company — can encourage closeness within a couple and increase relationship satisfaction.

Another found that doing novel activities with your partner can increase levels of oxytocin, a hormone that fosters emotional bonding.

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I can vouch for this: When my husband and I go out with another couple, I’m always amazed at the stories he shares that I’ve never heard before. Research supports the idea that double dates can energize your union.hen I tied the knot in 2017, I received an abundance of well-meaning platitudes from friends about how to maintain a happy marriage. We eat at the same few restaurants and talk about the same few subjects — work anecdotes, family updates. After a few hundred dates with my husband, we’ve both come to know what to expect from a night out together.This might sound obvious, but don’t take vegans to a bacon festival or teetotalers to a wine bar.“Make sure everybody is in full agreement,” Jackson says.“You don’t want to indulge in activities where one person or one couple may not like that activity, because then they’re not going to have as much fun.”It’s also important to be mindful of costs.

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